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Articles, Case Studies and Webinars

Articles, Case Studies and Webinars featuring Energistics and our Standards



Looking back on a successful NDR2017 conference

Article by Dan Brown of CDA


Energistics - developments with PRODML

Article from Digital Energy Journal


Energistics - how data standards help cut costs 

Article from Digital Energy Journal


WITSML is the Key Data Source for Automated Daily Drilling Reports

Case Study: Independent Data Services (IDS) uses "lean automated reporting" powered by WITSMLTM data to improve the speed and accuracy of reports and free up 1-2 hours per day for the costliest people on a rig.


RESQML Data Transfer Standard 101

Webinar: The RESQML standard facilitates data exchange among the many software applications used along the E&P subsurface workflow, which helps promote interoperability and data integrity among these applications and improve workflow efficiency and flexibility.


Energistics Transfer Protocol 
Webinar: Energistics Transfer Protocol Paves the Way for Remote Drilling Support Improvements at Statoil
Click here to download the presentation slides


Interview with Peter Westwood, Technical Director, Energysys

Article: Peter discusses his recent successes with PRODML,  Feb 17


Murphy/Noah Consulting Case Study

Case Study:  Murphy E&P and Noah Consulting explain how a WITSML transmission from the wellsite streamlines their drilling reporting process.28 Feb 17


2017 Energistics Orientation

Webinar on the current status of Energistics standards, what is planned for 2017, how we work and how to get involved, 15 Feb 2017

Click here for a copy of the accompanying presentation



Big Data Transfers Are Getting Easier Thanks to RESQML 

Webinar on new Release of RESQML v2, December 2016


How Much Time Are You Wasting on Data Management?

Webinar from the Digital Energy Journal's Conference: Connecting Subsurface, Drilling Expertise with Digital Technology, October 2016


Standards Deliver Cost Savings to the Oil & Gas Industry

Article from CIO Review, September 2016


Drilling Real-time Prediction Environment In Saudi Aramco

On-demand Webinar from SPE, August 2016


WITSML v2 0 Release Candidate Overview Webinar 

Webinar on the Value of Standards, July 2016


Why Adopt Energistics Standards?

Webinar on the Business Case for Energy Standards, July 2016


Why Become an Energistics Member?

Webinar on the value of Energistics membership, July 2016


Cloud-computing Sophisticated Models Enhance Meaning of Downhole Drilling Data

Article from Drilling Contractor, March/April 2016


Overview of Energistics

Webinar on an Overview of Energistics, March 2016


WITSML, An Energistics Drilling Data Exchange Standard 

Webinar on an overview of WITSML


RESQML, An Energistics Earth Model Data Exchange Standard

Webinar on an overview of RESQML, March 2016


PRODML, An Energistics Production Data Exchange Standard 

Webinar on an overview of PRODML, March 2016


Digital Gains Middle Eastern Ground

Article from Offshore Engineer, January 1, 2016



Adopting Data Standards: Cheapest Way to Survive Downturn

Article from Rigzone, December 17, 2015


Energistics - revising the standards architecture

Article from Digital Energy Journal, Nov/Dec 2015


Polaris WITSML

Webinar on Polaris products, March 2015


WITSML live data streaming and geosteering in StarSteer

Webinar on how to stream WITSML server data to Starsteer, March 2015


JewelSuite GeoMechanics WITSML Connection

Webinar  on how to connect to a JewelSuite WITSML server, March 2015


The State of Standards in the Digital Oil Field

Article from E&P, February 2, 2015



Article from Foundations, Fall 2014
Article from Digital Energy Journal, June 5, 2014


Energistics Oil and Gas Standards: The Next Generation

Article from Oil Council, May 2014


Article from Hart E&P, February 3, 2014


Standard bearer

Article from InnovOil, October 2013


IT, standards can help aggregate well data for high-level automation

Article from Drilling Contractor, September 2013


Open standard protocol can improve real-time drilling surveillance
Article from Hart's E&P, September 2013


Design of an Automated Drilling-Prediction System
Article from JPT, September 2013


Halliburton looks at how WITSML is used for data delivery with both its customers and internal workflows.
Article from GeoExpro, March 2013

The use of open standard data exchange technology in conjunction with Wellook WITSML (English)

Article from ROGTEC, February 2013



Learn How PEMEX Plugged the Interoperability Gap
Article in Offshore Engineer, October 2012


E&P Industry Benefits from Data Exchange Standards
Article from Hart’s E&P, May 2010



Vision to Reality for an Industry Standard
Article from Hart’s E&P, October 2009


Energistics Helps Facilitate Formation of ECCMA Oil & Gas CSC
Article from ECCMA's August 2007 Newsletter


POSC Re-launched as Energistics
Article from Digital Energy Journal, Nov/Dec 2006 Issue 4

Oil-IT Journal's Neil McNaughton Interviews Randy Clark
Article from Oil Information Technology Journal, Volume 11, Number 1

rticle from CEO Insights