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Asset & Data Management

With a focus on E&P asset and data management and work processes, this domain area crosses the entire E&P work flow. Energistics standards work in this area is motivated by improvement of operational efficiency and faster decision-making capability.


The key components of the asset and data management domain are those that support the overall planning, management and analysis of producing fields by asset management and data management groups.


For more information on E&P processes, see Energistics' E&P Business Reference Model.


related SIG and Work groups

Energistics supports the Asset & Data  Management Special Interest Group (SIG) and associated work groups.  This SIG helps define requirements and solutions in the asset & data management domain and supports adoption of resulting standards.


Related work groups include:

  • Metadata

related standards

The current inventory of standards and services associated with asset & data management includes those related to: reference data, unit of measure, coordinate reference system, reference data model, document and digital data cataloging (taxonomy), and global unique well identification. 


Industry-wide guidelines for metadata use are under development with anticipated release in 2010.



Shell is using Energistics standards as part of their Technical Data Management (TDM) effort. Watch this video to learn more about what Shell is doing.