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15 Mar 2011

Additional Information

NDR10, the tenth edition of these global meetings was hosted by ANP in Rio de Janeiro

 15 - 18 March 2011 at the Intercontinental Rio Hotel.

This 2 - 1/2 day meeting provided government and regulatory agencies from around the world an opportunity to attend a series of workshops dedicated to developing data exchange standards, improving communications with the oil and gas industry and learning data management techniques for natural resources information.





Opening address from Chairman, Stewart Robinson, DECC (PPT, 1332K)

Keynote Address - Magda Maria de Regina Chambriard, Director, ANP (PPT, 10276K)

Report on Preceedings of NDR10, Stewart Robinson, Chairman (PDF, 2MB)

Country Presentations


Azerbaijan (PPT, 4842K)

Brazil (PPT, 9120K)

Canada (PDF,3224K)

Colombia (PPT, 3049K)

Ghana (PPT, 3604K)

India (PPT, 1178K)

Kenya (PPT, 3189K)

Malaysia (PPT, 3839K)

Mozambique (PPT, 7703K)

Norway (PPT, 10466K)

Netherlands (PPT, 7925K)

New Zealand (PPT, 3648)

Oman (PPT, 1210K)

Pakistan (PPT, 6141K, VIDEO, 15491K )

Turkey (PPT, 10533K)

Uganda (PPT, 5490K)

United Kingdom (PPT, 2112K)


Country Reports


Azerbaijan (PDF, 230K)

Brasil (PDF, 76K)

Canada, Nova Scotia (PDF, 74K)

India (PDF, 118K)

Kenya (PDF, 129K)

Malaysia (PDF, 115K)

Netherlands (PDF, 83K)

New Zealand (PDF, 73K)

Norway (PDF, 82K)

Oman (PDF, 118K)

Pakistan (PDF, 58K)

Turkey (PDF, 230K)

United Kingdom - CDA (PDF, 75K)