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29 Sep 2014 - 3 Oct 2014
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Baku, Azerbaijan
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NDR2014 Proceedings




Day 1 Monday, 29th September

08:00  Registration

09:00  Welcome - Tirza van Daalen, TNO (Chair) (PDF 599KB)

09:10  Keynote Speech – Khalik Mammadov, SOCAR (PDF 39KB Azeri)

09:50  Making Data Management a Discipline - Malcolm Fleming, CDA (PDF 1.5MB)

10:20  Coffee

10:50  Introduction to Breakout 1 “Regional Groups” - Stephan Gruijters, TNO (PDF 1.8MB)

11:00  4 Parallel Breakouts on “Regional Groups”
            Regional Group A - Americas
            Regional Group B - Africa

            Regional Group C - SE Asia and Middle East

            Regional Group D - Central Asia
12:15  Lunch

13:45  Quiz (PDF 17.9 MB)
14:15  Platinum Sponsor – Kerry Blinston (PDF 2.6MB)
            Country Session 1: Resolving Data Issues

14:35  Resolving Problems with Loading Legacy Well Data  – Aliya Huseynova – Azerbaijan (PDF 11.7MB)

14:55  Scanning Legacy Seismic Data - Mary Jean Verrall- Canada (Nova Scotia) (PDF 1.5MB)

15:15  Going Green with Data – Hamka Ibrahim – Malaysia (PDF 6.8MB)

15:35  Building a New Offshore Data Management Regime – Mark Ducksbury – Australia (PDF 4.2MB)

15:55  Coffee

16:15  Report back on Breakout 1 – Panel of Facilitators (PDF 265KB)

16:45  Running Future Meetings, Successions – Jerry Hubbard, Energistics

17:15  Close

19:30  Icebreaker Evening & Dinner – Energistics

Day 2 Tuesday, 30th September 

09:00  Chairman’s Remarks – Tirza van Daalen, TNO (Chair)

09:10  Introduction to Breakout 2 “Data Quality” – Philip Lesslar, Petronas (PDF 3.4MB)

09:20  Introduction to Breakout 3 “People Issues are Key to Success” – Malcolm Fleming, CDA (PDF 1.2MB)

09:30  Parallel Breakout Sessions 2 and 3
            Data Quality - Data Correction (PDF 3MB)

            Data Quality - Data Quality Tools (PDF 3.8MB)

            Data Quality - Business Rules (PDF 70KB) (PDF 4.4MB)

            People issues are key to success - Recruitment

            People issues are key to success - Retention

            People issues are key to success - Organization

10:30  Coffee
11:00  Platinum Sponsor – Paul Coles Schlumberger(PDF 4.8MB)

            Country Session 2: The Digital Age and NDR’s

11:20  Linking an NDR to an Electronic Permitting System – Phil Harrison, United Kingdom (PDF 1.8MB)

11:40  Running a Bidding Round Electronically (eBID) – Lucia Vaz, Brazil (PDF 2.1MB)

12:00  Data Integration Between State and Federal Agencies – Lee Allison, United States (PDF 5.2MB)

12:20  A Web Site for Marketing O&G Exploration Data – Uffe Larsen, Denmark (PDF 1.9MB)


13:20  Lunch


14:00  Walking tour of Old Baku

Day 3 Wednesday, 1st October


09:00  Chairman’s Remarks - Tirza van Daalen, TNO (Chair)

09:10  Platinum Sponsor - Alexey Scherbich Halliburton HAL-hiRes (PDF 2.1MB)

           Country Session 3: Contracting an NDR

09:30  Re-tendering an NDR – Eric Toogood, Norway (PDF 2.5MB)

09:50  An Innovative Funding Solution – Eunice Kilonzo, Kenya (PDF 4.8KB)

10:10  An NDR as a Service Rather than a Packaged Solution – Oscar Flores, Mexico (PDF 484KB)

10:30  Coffee

11:20  Feedback on Production Reporting from NDR11 – Stewart Robinson, Energistics (Vice-Chair) (PDF 619KB)

11:40  Introduction to Breakout 4 “Significant Issues Managing Seismic Data” – Rico Tonis, TNO (PDF 568KB)

11:45  Introduction to Breakout 5 “Reporting Standards” – Stewart Robinson, Energistics (Vice-Chair) (PDF 37KB)

11:50  Parallel Breakout Sessions 4 and 5

            Significant issues managing seiemic data (PDF 1.2MB)
            Reporting standards (PDF 38KB)

13:00  Lunch

           Country Session 4: Data and the Environment

14:15  Forming and Enforcing Standards – Ali Alyahyaee, Oman (PDF 559KB)

14:35  Exploring in Extreme Weather Conditions – Jan Adolfssenn, Greenland

14:50  An Expanded NDR with Environmental Data – Rico Tonis – Netherlands (PDF 1MB)

15:10  Government Investment in Geoscience Data and Knowledge – Malcolm Flowers – New Zealand (PDF 6.6MB)

15:30  Coffee

16:00  Feedback on Breakouts 2 and 3
             Business Rules and Data Quality Metrics (PDF 894KB)
             Data Quality (PDF 4.7MB)
             People Issues are Key to Success (PDF 1.2MB)

16:30  Quiz Results and Prizes – Malcolm Fleming, CDA (PDF 17.9 MB)

17:00  Adjourn

19:30  Cultural Evening and Dinner – SOCAR

Day 4 Thursday, 2nd October

09:00  Chairman’s Remarks - Tirza van Daalen, TNO (Chair)

09:10  Feedback on Breakout Sessions 4 & 5

            Reporting Standards Feedback (PDF 38KB)

            Significant issues managing seismic data (PDF 1.2KB)


            Country Session 5 : Country Reports

09:40  South Africa – Johanda du Toit, Petroleum Agency SA (PDF 7.3MB)

10:00  Uganda – Denis Ariko, Petroleum Commission of Uganda

10:20   Venezuela - Victor Bruley, Scan Geofisica (PDF 1.1MB)

10:40  Coffee

11:00  Strategic role of an NDR – Tirza van Daalen, TNO  and Malcolm Fleming, CDA, (PDF 7.4MB) (PDF 155KB)

11:30  Looking Forward to NDR2016 in Houston, TX – Lee Allison, AAPG (PDF 2.4MB)

11:50  Review of Conference – Tirza van Daalan, TNO (Chair) (PDF 47KB)

12:30  Lunch

14:00  Tour of Yanar Dag / Bibi-Heybat Oilfields

Day 5 Friday, 3rd October  

08:00  Tour – Full Day Spouse’s & Delegates. Gobustan / Temple of Fire


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Members Who Have Registered for this Event
  1. Aleksandre Abaiadze
    Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation
  2. Asker Abbasov
  3. Jan Schulz Adolfssen
    Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources
  4. Erdem Akyag
  5. Faisal Alfarsi
  6. Ugur Algan
    Volantice Ltd.
  7. M. Lee Allison
    Arizona Geological Survey
  8. Khalid Al-Shidi
  9. Ali Alyahyaee
    Ministry of Oil & Gas - Oman
  10. Ferdinand Aniwa
    Ghana National Petroleum Corporation
  11. Daniel Arthur
    Petroleum Commission of Ghana
  12. Hassan Asheg
  13. Ilham Aslanov
  14. Eric Atherton
    DataHorizon Ltd.
  15. David Atta Peters
    Petroleum Commission of Ghana
  16. Nikoloz Beruchashvili
    Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation
  17. Kerry Blinston
  18. Henri Blondelle
    CGG Veritas
  19. Dale Blue
  20. Victor Bruley
    Scan Geofisica
  21. Stuart Byford
  22. Eduard Cherednik
  23. Carrie Clarke
    Troika International
  24. Paul Coles
    Schlumberger Information Solutions
  25. Angus Craig
    Katalyst Data Management
  26. Trudy Curtis
    PPDM Association
  27. Tracey Dancy
  28. Murat Demiray
  29. Abdelkader Djeddou
  30. James Drury
  31. Johanda du Toit
    Petroleum Agency SA
  32. Mark Ducksbury
    National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator
  33. Vidadi Ehmedov
  34. Muharrem Emeklioglu
  35. Adalat Eminov
  36. Malcolm Fleming
    Common Data Access Ltd. (CDAL)
  37. Malcolm Flowers
    New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals
  38. Elmir Garagozov
  39. Simon Gitau
    National Oil Corporation of Kenya
  40. Varun Gowda
    EGI - University of Utah
  41. Stephan Gruijters
    TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands
  42. Alexey Gurevich
  43. Marianne M. Hansen
    GEUS - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
  44. Philip Harrison
    Oil & Gas Authority
  45. Inayat Huseynov
  46. Bahram Huseynov
  47. Aliya Huseynova
  48. Irada Huseynova
  49. Rena Huseyn-zada
  50. Farhad Ibadov
  51. Hamka Ibrahim
  52. Olga Ilyushkina
  53. Vahid Jafarov
  54. Norzilah Jaffar
  55. Kapil Joneja
    Schlumberger Information Solutions
  56. William Kasasa
    Petroleum & Exploration Uganda
  57. Gleb Khanutin
    Gazprom International
  58. Eunice Kilonzo
    National Oil Corporation of Kenya
  59. Michael Kinyua
    National Oil corporation
  60. Alexander Kosolapov
  61. Zubeyir Kucuk
    Turkish Petroleum Coorperation
  62. Uffe Larsen
    GEUS (The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland)
  63. Philip Lesslar
    Data Solutions Consultant
  64. Jill Lewis
    Troika International
  65. Mikhail Leypunskiy
  66. Maria Lysenkova
    Zebra Data Sciences
  67. Khalik Mammadov
  68. Ferdinand Edem Mawuko
    Petroleum Commission of Ghana
  69. Ngwako Mnguni
    Petroleum Agency SA
  70. Gianluca Monachese
    Kadme AS
  71. Ian Moores
  72. David Mulinde
    Petroleum Exploration & Production Department
  73. Sabina Naghiyeva
  74. Sylvestre Nguessan
  75. Timothy Njoroge
    National Oil Corporation of Kenya
  76. Abraham Obeng
    Petroleum Commission of Ghana
  77. Ayodele Matthew Oladipo
    Flourish Ventures
  78. Maria Pariani
    Registros Mineros Argentino S.A
  79. Julian Pickering
    Geologix SI
  80. Natalya Rakhmanina
  81. Melissa Ray
  82. Thomas Riley
    The Energy & Geoscience Institute (EGI)
  83. Stewart Robinson
  84. Oscar Roldan Flores
    National Hydrocarbons Commission
  85. William Saldana
    Schlumberger - WesternGeco
  86. Ahmad Salmanov
  87. Richard Salway
    Common Data Access Ltd. (CDAL)
  88. Vladimir Sedukhin
  89. Samit Sengupta
  90. Aleksei Shcherbich
    Halliburton - Landmark
  91. Yusif Shikhaliyev
  92. Robert Siahaan
  93. Mikheil Sidamonidze
    Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation
  94. Monica Smith
    Petroleum Agency SA
  95. Alan Smith
    Luchelan Ltd.
  96. Dmitry Sokolov
  97. Joseph Soosai
  98. Jacqueline Spalding
    Dancy Dynamics
  99. Helen Stephenson
    Stephenson & Associates
  100. Luis Tavares
    Schlumberger- WesternGeco Angola
  101. Gustavo Tinoco
    ANP Brazil
  102. Luis Tognon
    Independent Consultant
  103. Eric Toogood
    Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)
  104. Pawel Ulatowski
    Zebra Data Sciences
  105. Zeyneddin Umarov
  106. Tirza Van Daalen
    TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands
  107. Michiel van der Meulen
    TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands
  108. Tatiana Vassilieva
  109. Lucia Vaz
    ANP Brazil
  110. Friso Veenstra
    TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands
  111. Mary Jean Verrall
    Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board
  112. Jack Walton
  113. Namaz Yusubov
  114. Mehman Yusufov
  115. Khoshbaht Yusufzade