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Become a company member of Energistics today!

To accommodate every organization that wants to participate, Energistics offers three levels of membership and variable rates on dues.

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To Become a Member

Complete these steps:
1.    Click Here if you are interested in downloading the Energistics Membership Agreement.
The agreement explains in detail all terms of membership, participation, responsibilities, and dues and how to complete the form and options for payment.
See highlights on membership levels and dues (Schedule B).
2.     Return the completed agreement along with your first year membership dues to:

Attention: Membership
5615 Kirby Drive

Suite 720

Houston, Texas 77005


Main:      +1 (281) 243-2121

Fax:        +1 (281) 243-2123



To Discuss Membership
Ross Philo
President & CEO
+1 (281) 243-2121
Membership Dues
Annual dues are computed based on: 1) membership level, 2) type of company (operator, service company or other), and 3) revenue in upstream oil and gas.