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Versions that are in use and which may be subject to future enhancement.

resqml v2 orientation video

Big Data Transfers are Getting Easier Thanks to RESQML
Moving massive data sets into multiple applications has always been time consuming and difficult.  Today with the use of Energistics’ RESQML open format standard, this task is becoming easier.  Click here to view video 
This demonstration features:
  • Francis Morandini from Total
  • Alice Chanvin-Laaouissi and Laurent Deny from Paradigm
  • Jana Schey and Jay Hollingsworth from Energistics 

new in resqml v2.1

Design improvements including:

  • Improved data storage for time series and multiple realizations
  • Simplified treatment of patch indexing
  • Schema updates to ensure all schemas are in compliance with Energistics Common Technical Architecture conventions
Incorporation of previous “add-on” data objects (added to the v2.0 data model in v2.0.1) into the main design packages: 
  • Property series and streamlines have now been integrated into RESQML
  • Activity model is now integrated into the Energistics Common Technical Architecture (common)
Data Schema Specifications and supporting documentation - December 2016
RESQML v2.1 Known Issues (posted 14 December 2016)