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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a means of building communities of subject matter experts and interested parties around industry standards and best practices in a specific functional area.


It is through the SIGs (and their work groups) that the work of defining requirements and developing standards is carried out. Energistics actively facilitates each SIG so that sets of agreed-upon best practices and recommendations are realized, published, and promoted periodically.

Energistics has guidelines for SIG organization and operations, but individual SIGs are free to create additional operational guidelines that do not conflict with existing Energistics’ procedures or guidelines as defined in the Energistics By-Laws and Energistics Membership Agreement.


Each Energistics SIG has the same general objectives for its given domain or discipline: to set direction, drive issues and promote use of the standards. It guides the evolution of standards through the development and prioritization of use cases which are then worked by technical experts.

Specifically, the SIGS work to raise new consensus needs and requirements, to review new and evolving forms of the standards, and to promote the adoption and use of standards by sharing experiences and lessons learned at Energistics and industry meetings and events.

SIGs may also define additional objectives, specific to their domain area and the work they intend to do in a specific SIG charter period.