A New Chapter for Energistics
As you may have seen from our press release, Energistics is about to enter a new chapter in its history.  Effective January 1, 2022, Energistics will become an affiliate of The Open Group®.  Future standards development will rely on a purely volunteer effort and the current Energistics team will be disbanded at the end of this year.  You will doubtless have many questions about this change and how it may impact you as an Energistics member.  Hopefully, the information on this page will give you more background to the decision and will help answer some of the questions you may have.

Energistics History
Initially founded as POSC in 1990 and re-named Energistics in 2006, our organization has adapted over the 30 years of its existence to many changes within the upstream industry (see full history here). The dual shocks to the oil & gas industry of 2015 and 2020 brought fresh challenges that demanded affirmative action to ensure continuity for the Energistics community and for the development of the Energistics data standards.

The OSDU™ Forum
The Open Group OSDU Forum, founded in 2018, offers a great opportunity to ensure the future of Energistics.  Energistics was invited to join the OSDU Forum in 2018. The OSDU Data Platform will be an industry standard open-source and cloud-based data store with a consistent set of APIs against which applications can be developed.  As part of this effort the OSDU Forum is implementing the WITSML™, RESQML™ and PRODML™ standards in the respective Domain Data Management Services (DDMS).  It should be noted that just over half of Energistics Contributing and Sustaining Members are currently also members of the ODSU Forum.

Bringing these Two Organizations Together
With the steady increase in synergies between the two organizations, and the many challenges facing the upstream industry, the decision was made to bring both organizations together under the guidance of The Open Group.  This has led to a formal agreement, approved by the boards of both organizations, that makes this new governance effective as of January 1, 2022.

Beginning a Transition Period
A transition period will begin August 19, 2021 and will end December 31, 2021.  The Energistics staff is readying Energistics for this transition at the organizational level, while work continues among the volunteer contributing experts to deliver on current objectives. Energistics staff will step down at the end of this year.  Volunteers from among the membership will take over the organizational tasks with support from The Open Group effective January 1, 2022.

For Current Energistics Contributing Members
Work within the Energistics Special Interests Groups (SIGs) will continue, with the imminent release of ETP v1.2 and the on-going work towards the upcoming releases of RESQML v2.2 in 2021, with PRODML v2.2 and WITSML v2.1 planned for early 2022.  During the transition period, Energistics staff will still be there as usual to support this activity and to prepare the organization and its members for the handover.

We encourage our members to join the OSDU Forum in order to continue their participation in the standards development process to ensure that the needs of the upstream industry as a whole are taken into account, as well as addressing the specific requirements of OSDU.

Starting January 1, 2022, Energistics members wanting to continue their participation in the standards development activity will be required first to join The Open Group, selecting the OSDU Forum as part of that process, and then sign up for participation in the Energistics SIGs.  Members will pay dues to join The Open Group OSDU Forum, but there will be no additional fees to participate in Energistics.

A webinar was held August 25, 2021, to brief Energistics members about this transition, followed by a question & answer session. This was recorded and can be seen here.

As part of this membership, you are of course also welcome to take part in the work groups and committees of the OSDU Forum.  For more information see www.osduforum.org or email Mike Hickey at The Open Group [email protected]

For Current or New OSDU Forum Members
Starting January 1, 2022, you will be able to join one or more Energistics SIGs. This will be an additional benefit of your existing The Open Group OSDU Forum membership at no additional cost.  Energistics has a rich history in many domains that are critical to the OSDU Data Platform, such as real-time, subsurface, production, DAS and many other use-cases and data models.

We want to make sure you are well informed. The Energistics website has a host of information on our standards, and you can consult the Energistics University videos to get insights into the standards, how they are developed, how they work and what they are used for. The OSDU Forum website has information on the organization and its processes. OSDU Forum members have access to the OSDU Forum Plato Collaboration Portal, as well as a community Gitlab.

We are Still Here to Help!
See below the FAQ list we have put together.  Hopefully, it will answer most of your questions. If you have further questions, concerns or comments, feel free to email us at [email protected]

PR Newswire will send out an official press release August 19, 2021

Find more information on the participation of the Energistics community in the OSDU Forum on our OSDU Forum web page

Frequently Asked Questions

The boards of The Open Group and Energistics recognized that the two communities had a high degree of overlap in terms of members, and a common interest in the standards-related activities within the OSDU™ Forum.  The industry downturn in 2020 provided the impetus to try and find a solution that leveraged the best of these two communities in a way that also reduced industry costs. By moving Energistics under the same roof as the OSDU Forum we ensure better synergies and a more open context to work concurrently towards a common goal.

The new governance structure will ensure that the Energistics standards continue to serve the industry, and will be developed further within a vibrant community.  In addition, we see the following benefits:

  • Eliminates barriers for companies and experts wanting to participate in activities for both organizations
  • Companies will pay dues to The Open Group to participate in the OSDU Forum, with membership of Energistics included as an added benefit at no additional cost
  • Will ensure an optimal alignment between the standards developed by both organizations
  • The Energistics standards will continue to be made available to the wider industry at no cost

Energistics will become an ‘effective subsidiary’ of The Open Group – meaning that it will rely on The Open Group for management support and control, but will have a separate board in order to preserve the current tax-exempt status of Energistics.  Energistics activities will continue in a similar manner to the current model, but without dedicated employees facilitating the design, development, publication and communication around the Energistics standards.  Those roles will be taken over by volunteers within the Energistics Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in collaboration with the OSDU Forum and with oversight and support from The Open Group.

The OSDU Forum is dedicated to developing and making available an actual executable Data Platform implemented on different commercial cloud or on-premise systems. Energistics publishes open data schemas for specific domains and specifications for transfer protocols, which is a different type of IP requiring specific curation.  Energistics must remain a separate entity both to preserve the tax-exempt status of the organization and to maintain the ability of the industry to ensure the standards remain fit for purpose as needs change.

Energistics membership has been on a calendar basis so all current membership terms will expire at the conclusion of 2021. If you are already a current member of The Open Group OSDU Forum, Energistics membership will be included at no additional cost as part of your OSDU Forum membership from January 1, 2022, or at your next renewal, subject to acceptance of associated terms. If you are not yet a member of The Open Group OSDU Forum, we encourage you to join so that you can continue participation in the Energistics SIGs, to ensure that the standards continue to meet your business needs, as well as participate in OSDU Forum activities.

Yes – but it will now be included as a benefit of your membership of The Open Group OSDU Forum. Essentially you get two memberships for the price of one!

Yes – If your organization is not yet a member of The Open Group OSDU Forum you need to first join The Open Group, selecting OSDU Forum as your area of participation.  Energistics membership is automatic as an added benefit to your OSDU Forum membership, at no additional cost.

That’s easy.  Refer to https://www.opengroup.org/membership for the membership fees and process. In addition to the base membership fee, the OSDU Forum has put in place a separate sustainability fee, which helps ensure the success of the OSDU data platform and standards via additional funding for various aspects of the open source project, including website development costs, additional promotion, cloud service costs, code maintenance, and other added costs. The sustainability fees are scaled by size and type of company, and are described here: https://www.opengroup.org/sites/default/files/pdf/OSDU%20Sustainability%20Fee.pdf.

It is best to send an email to [email protected] and their team will get you everything you need in a simple membership package that fits your organizations needs.

The new governance becomes effective on January 1, 2022.

Energistics will continue working on current standards objectives for the remainder of 2021. In addition, during the next few months leading up to the end of 2021, we will work with the Energistics SIGs, the OSDU Forum leadership and focal points, and The Open Group, to handover responsibility for the standards and related processes to ensure a smooth transition.

Unfortunately, no.  The current professional team of Energistics will be disbanded at the end of 2021 and these incredible employees will be looking for new opportunities and adventures!

There will, of course, be some differences in terms of administrative processes, but volunteers working on the standards probably won’t notice any difference.

Energistics operates specific Special Interest Groups for each of the 3 flagship standards (WITSML, RESQML and PRODML) , each of which includes technical teams and an Executive team elected by members to steer the standards’ development and publication. Additional work groups are created as necessary. Similarly, the OSDU Forum operates a series of committees, workgroups and other team efforts that are created to develop specific aspects of the Data Platform, under the guidance of executive committees

Former Energistics members may see some operational differences in the short term but we anticipate they will adjust quickly to the new way of working as they integrate into the OSDU Forum community.

This transition will not add any new standards to the current collective effort around OSDU Forum.  The Energistics standards are already a key component of the OSDU Data Platform, and this new governance model should ensure that the standards evolve in a way that supports the future needs of the OSDU Data Platform as well as other industry use cases

We encourage all current Energistics members, for whom the standards are a key part of their business strategy, to join The Open Group OSDU Forum to ensure that there is a strong voice for non-OSDU use cases within the expanded standards community.

The Open Group and Energistics boards both recognize the importance of the standards to the industry.  This new governance model should help ensure that the standards remain vibrant and supported well into the future, while also saving the industry the cost  and resources required to support two separate organizations.

In the same place as you do now – the Energistics website!

There are a number of legacy standards like Epicentre for which Energistics is the custodian.  These will transition with the Energistics website, but it will be up to The Open Group community to determine what needs to happen to these legacy standards.

Yes – the Energistics website will continue to be your source of information related to the standards, and the location from which updates will be made available to the industry

The current online documentation site will be maintained, but it will be up to The Open Group as to whether they decide to enhance it going forward.

Possibly.  The actual tools used for data modelling will be a collective decision in collaboration with the Energistics Special Interest Groups, The Open Group and the OSDU Forum.

Certification is important for many Operators and Service Companies since it is often a prerequisite in order to respond to RFPs, etc.  We are in discussion with The Open Group as to how this service can be continued in the future.

Work traditionally done by Energistics staff will transition to a combination of Energistics SIGs, OSDU Forum volunteers and The Open Group staff. The details will be defined during the transition period.

This will best be done as a shared effort from within the Energistics and OSDU Forum community, leveraging the many experts that will be part of that broader community.

This has been discussed with The Open Group as one of the transition topics.  From January 2022, there won’t be a professional Energistics staff to provide training as they have in the past – but this could open up opportunities for Energistics members to step in with a commercial offering.