About Energistics

About Energistics

Energistics a global consortium that facilitates the development, management and adoption of data exchange standards for the upstream oil and gas industry.


Energistics facilitates, manages and supports deployment of industry standards for the purpose of operational efficiency, cost efficiency and bottom-line profitability.

We unite diverse companies and industry professionals across eight geographical regions, around issues and ideas to facilitate information sharing and business process integration.

  • Africa (South Africa, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria…)
  • Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines…)
  • Eastern Europe (Russia, Kazakhstan and non-EU states)
  • Latin America (Central and South America)
  • Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain…)
  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • South Asia (India, Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan…)
  • Western Europe (European Union and Norway)

We provide the non-competitive, vendor-neutral infrastructure for energy industry professionals to do the work required to develop, maintain, adopt and deploy standards.

This infrastructure includes a legal and organizational structure, operating guidelines, and website and other information technology (IT). It also includes vital services such as coordination, communication, event planning and hosting, continued outreach and membership development, and coordination and communication with other standards groups and professional societies.

We perform the technical implementation, testing and maintenance of all standards developed by the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  

While the SIGs do the work to define the standards, Energistics does the actual technical implementation (coding in XML) including testing, necessary documentation and then posting on the Energistics website for download.

We serve as the one-stop information source for the freely available standards related to or of interest to the upstream oil and gas industry.  

This includes detailed information about and access to those standards actively managed by Energistics (WITSML, PRODML, RESQML and others) and reference, access and information to those standards supported and developed by other industry groups and professional societies that are of interest or concern to upstream oil and gas.

We provide a consistent, collaborative process for the Energistics community to develop standards that benefit the entire industry.

For the standards developed by Energistics to be effective and adopted, they must meet the needs of a majority of organizations (operators, service companies, software vendors, regulatory, and educational groups) in the industry. Energistics strives to build work teams to participate and reach consensus views.

We provide a standards development life cycle/ portfolio management approach to develop and manage standards as well as promote deployment, adoption, and realization of intended value.

The approach spans initial opportunity recognition and assessment, development, early deployment, full deployment, re-assessment and revision, and retirement. The process is composed of nine stages, each defined by its major activities and the decision process that completes it. See attached graphic.

We utilize the Energistics E&P Business Process Reference Model as a source for defining common processes, concepts and vocabulary for which standards are developed and applied.

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