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Certification can be performed by the company developing a standards-based product, or Energistics offers a service to perform the certification on behalf of the developing company.

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WITSML Certification Program

Energistics developed this program so that vendors can certify that their products comply with related Energistics standards and may use the appropriate Energistics certified product logo.

Currently certification is only available for WITSML v1.4.1.1

v1.4.1.1 certification has been developed for WITSML servers and includes an open source testing tool that automates running a suite of tests which use standard WITSML queries, data-object definitions and behaviors defined in the WITSML schemas and the WITSML Store Application Program Interface (API) v1.4.1.1.  Details about the program are here.

Upon achieving product certification, vendors may display the WITSML Certified Product Logo.

Other Products

There are currently no certification services for other versions of WITSML or for other Energistics standards.

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