Welcome to the technical resources and the specifications for elements of the Common Technical Architecture.

Energistics Unit of Measure Standard (UOM)

The units in UOM are oriented towards use in software.  The Energistics Unit of Measure work group generated the unit names, symbols, derived units and conversion factors with an eye towards implementability in software and databases, not so much for other uses like writing academic papers.  There are other resources – like NIST 811:2008 – to aid in preparing manuscripts.

  • UOM v1.0 is available on the DOWNLOADS web page

Energy Industry Profile Standard

The Energy Industry Profile (EIP) of ISO 19115-1:2014 is an open, non-proprietary exchange standard for metadata used to document information resources, and in particular resources referenced to a geographic location, e.g., geospatial datasets and web services, physical resources with associated location, or mapping, interpretation, and modeling datasets.

  • The EIP v1.1 Specification is available on the DOWNLOADS web page


The EIP standard is the primary deliverable of the Energy Industry Metadata Standards Initiative, a community effort being led by the Energy Industry Metadata Work Group.  You will find more information on the EIP standard as well as an FAQ section that has been put together to give answers to frequent questions about EIP.
For more information about the EIP standard or the Reference Implementation, please contact [email protected].

Energistics Packaging Conventions (EPC)

The Energistics Packaging Conventions (EPC) are supported by these standards organizations:

For more information about the EPC standard, please contact [email protected].

EPC is included in the download for RESQML v 2.0.1 from the DOWNLOADS web page.

Related standards

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The Energistics Online Documentation is a comprehensive interactive system to assist developers working on versions 2.0 and later of the standards.

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Energistics University Instruction Videos

The Energistics University video collection (23 modules) provides information on Energistics Standards.
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