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This page is the entry point for software developers to access the information and resources needed to work with the Energistics standards. If you know which standard you wish to work on, here are the links to the respective pages:

  • WITSML     Drilling, well trajectories, logging, completions and interventions
  • RESQML     Subsurface data, grids, wells, geocellular grids, simulation results
  • PRODML    Production data, fluids, PVT, WFT, DAS, DTS
  • ETP              Energistics Transfer Protocol, a websocket-based data streaming
  • CTA              Common Technical Architecture is the common foundation of all Energistics standards

Development Tools

The WITSML, PRODML and RESQML schemas provide the definition for standard data exchange formats. To simplify development,  Energistics hosts some development tools that were either contributed by member companies or developed by Energistics.

The Standards DevKit

The Standards Devkit removes the complexity of using the Energistics standards and lets the developer concentrate on the important work of integrating the standards into their business solution. The Standards Devkit wraps the WITSML, PRODML and RESQML schemas with Microsoft .NET objects.

The ETP DevKit

The ETP Specification defines the messages and interfaces used to exchange data between applications that support WITSML, PRODML and RESQML.  The messages define the content and the interfaces define the expected behavior. The ETP DevKit is a .NET library providing the basic infrastructure needed to communicate via the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP).  It is written in C# using the .NET Framework version 4.5.2. The ETP DevKit was developed by Petrotechnical Data Systems (PDS) and contributed to Energistics.

FESAPI™ by F2I-Consulting

This API was initially developed for RESQML, and is now under the process of expanding to WITSML and PRODML.  See further information here. Also materials related to FESAPI are here.

Online Documentation

There is a large body of documentation on the standards, their implementation and other reference materials. You can find it at Energistics Online Documentation for perusal and download.

Test Datasets

Members of the Energistics Consortium have a password-protected access to some test datasets made available by other members, for the purpose of testing software products against real data. Small sample data are sometimes available on the Developers & Users pages of the respective standards.

One test dataset is publicly available: the Equinor Volve field decommissioned in 2018. It is accessible on their website here. More on this data set here.

Participation in a SIG Community

Energistics standards are defined and developed through the contributions of representatives of member companies. This community approach is also an opportunity to build relationships with developers and experts who have been working with the standards for many years. Many members have testified to the value of informal conversations with peers that helped move developments forward thanks to their insights. Find out more about the SIG concept within Energistics here.

If your company is considering developing standards-based technologies, membership is a wise investment to ensure that projects are successful.

More on Membership here. You can also watch the Energistics University video covering the life-cycle of a standard : 🎥 Life of Standard

Energistics Services and Support for Developers


WITSML servers developed by companies for version can be certified, see here for more information on this.


We can offer limited support should a developer encounter problems or have occasional questions related to implementation. Response times are not guaranteed. Email [email protected]

Developer Home Page

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Developer Home Page


Developer Home Page