This example implementation of the Energy Industry Profile (EIP) v1.0 specification uses open source Geoportal Server software to demonstrate the promise of the EIP metadata exchange standard.

The EIP enables significantly improved discovery of diverse, distributed information resources regardless of whether those resources are hosted internally or externally to an organization.  The EIP v1.0 Reference Implementation demonstrates that portion of this promise realized by compiling metadata available via the internet.


The resulting implementation is accessible for evaluation as Energistics’ Geoportal, and the information and artifacts needed to replicate it are offered below.

For prototyping only

Consistent with the goal of encouraging adoption of the EIP, artifacts resulting from the work to produce the EIP v1.0 Reference Implementation are made available via links below.  For two reasons, replicate installations should be considered suitable only for prototyping work rather than for production use.

  1. EIP v1.0 is based on the published standard ISO 19115-1:2014, but presents XML from a draft version of ISO 19115-3. After ISO 19115-3 is finalized in 3Q 2015, EIP v1.1 will be released with updated XML consistent with the final version of ISO 19115-3.
  2. The Energistics Geoportal is a custom, unsupported version of Geoportal Server v1.2.2.5, and as such, no low-cost upgrade path is available.  As a result, the most cost effective plan for any EIP v1.0 installation should anticipate replacing it with a future EIP Reference Implementation which uses a supported version of Geoportal Server (currently v1.2.6).

Development & artifacts

The EIP v1.0 Reference Implementation built on a foundation provided by the EIP Prototype Implementation Project. This 2012 effort was sponsored by four Energistics member companies – BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Pioneer Natural Resources – and involved six contributing organizations (in alphabetical order):  Energistics’ Energy Industry Work Group, Esri, NOAA/National Geophysical Data Center, University of Colorado/Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), U.S. Geological Survey, and U.S. Geoscience Information Network (GIN) Project.


The EIP Prototype Implementation customized Geoportal Server software so that its catalog contained only metadata conformant with the EIP v1.0 Release Candidate specification.  This foundation was further extended by the EIP v1.0 Reference Implementation to:

  • Incorporate improvements to the EIP specification identified during the Prototype Implementation Project;
  • Customize the Geoportal Metadata Editor to enable creation of EIP v1.0 metadata;
  • Extend the metadata validation capabilities of the Prototype Implementation to include EIP v1.0 Schematron rules.
The above extensions were completed in two phases, the resulting combined products implemented in Energistics’ Geoportal.  The Schematron rules in particular are part of a collection of artifacts that also apply XML transformation and validation operations to metadata records harvested or uploaded by Geoportal Server. The artifacts are conditionally applied as indicated in the XML processing flow below.

Future work

Future work planned by the Energy Industry Metadata Work Group will produce:

  • EIP v1.1, a Release Candidate of which has been prepared based on the final version of ISO 19115-3, which was approved for publication on 14 April 2016 by ISO Technical Committee 211;
  • Artifacts needed to implement EIP-specific capabilities present in Energistics’s Geoportal;
  • Work as needed with the Esri Geoportal Server Team to incorporate profile-independent capabilities present in the Energistics Geoportal into the main trunk and latest version of the open source Geoportal Server code (see 1, 2).
For more information about the EIP standard or the EIP v1.0 Reference Implementation, please contact Energistics.

Additional information

The EIP standard is the primary deliverable of the Energy Industry Metadata Standards Initiative, a community effort being led by the Energy Industry Metadata Work Group.  Background materials specific to the EIP Prototype Project are published by the work group as Reference Materials.