HOUSTON,  March 3, 2021: Today, the Energistics Consortium released the third version of the Practical Well Log Standard (PWLS). The work on this new version started in 2019 and included numerous contributions and a review process involving experts from 9 companies.

PWLS was initiated to solve several well log management business issues. Users often have difficulty finding important well log data because there are so many types of curves, and curve names are chosen by the individual data providers thus creating an incredible number of curve names. Names for both individual curves and collections of curves are complex and are changing at an ever increasing rate. The lack of consistency over time is confusing for experts and generalists alike. PWLS provides a recognized central source for well log naming standards, and Energistics makes such standards freely available for use throughout the industry. Most of the business value of well log data is concentrated in a relatively small number of types of curves. There are now some 50,000 visible acquisition curve types of which about 1,000 deliver the majority of the value.

Ross Philo, CEO of Energistics said: “PWLS had not been updated since 2003, so this new version is a significant update from the prior release. As the upstream industry accelerates its digital transformation initiatives, vendor-neutral reference material such as PWLS v3.0 helps remove ambiguities from data, which greatly facilitates the automation of data management tasks ahead of analytics and AI-driven activities.”

More information on PWLS v3.0 can be found here.
The documents and documentation can be downloaded here

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