HOUSTON,  Jan. 12, 2021: Today, the Energistics Consortium and The Open Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that enables their respective Members to collaborate more closely. This will ensure that the Energistics standards evolve to meet the requirements of The Open Group OSDU™ Data Platform.

Established in 2018, The Open Group OSDU™ Forum is a volunteer consensus-based Energy industry group consisting of over 175 Member companies. Its 1,300 participants have worked together to build a single cloud-based, open source platform for all energy data. This platform will eliminate existing barriers to data sharing – empowering the Energy industry to make faster, better informed business decisions. From the outset, the central tenet of the OSDU Forum has been to create a data platform backed by a standards-based ecosystem that provides OPEX and CAPEX benefits to energy operators and opens new opportunities to suppliers.

The Open Group has based the OSDU Forum on the success of its other open architecture initiatives in the Energy industry, including the Open Process Automation™ Forum (OPAF) and the Open Footprint™ Forum. The Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment™ (FACE) and the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) consortiums also merged the organizations and technical interests of their Members to develop standards that support the business needs and IT requirements of the respective ecosystems.

For 30 years, Energistics has facilitated a community of Oil and Gas industry experts that has defined the standards for moving upstream data between partners. Energistics joined the OSDU Forum in 2018 to support the development of the OSDU Data Platform, bringing Energistics standards and industry expertise to the table. These standards include WITSML™ for drilling/wells, RESQML™ for Reservoir and earth models, and PRODML™ for production data, as well as the Energistics Transfer Protocol which underpins the data standards.

Ross Philo, CEO of Energistics said: “While a number of companies are members of both The Open Group and Energistics, there is not a complete overlap. To enable seamless collaboration between stakeholders in both groups, we will establish processes to allow the harmonization of priorities and cross member participation. We are committed to supporting the success of The Open Group OSDU Data Platform and this MOU testifies to the spirit with which our two organizations work together.”

Phillip Jong, the OSDU Forum Chair, said: “The OSDU Forum is pleased to join forces with Energistics and leverage the existing Energistics standards, which have been developed by Energy industry experts over the past three decades. The OSDU Data Platform will provide implementations of these standards and expose the data to applications via OSDU APIs. In doing so, we will create executable standards through which business value can be rapidly delivered across the entire industry.”

About Energistics
Energistics is the leading upstream oil and gas industry’s data standards body. We are a global, non-profit consortium established over 30 years ago to bring together industry professionals in a neutral and collaborative environment to develop and deploy open data exchange standards and to address oil and gas information sharing challenges. Our members consist of integrated, independent and national oil companies, oilfield service companies, hardware and software vendors, system integrators, regulatory agencies and the global standards user community. For more information, visit our website at www.energistics.org.

About The Open Group OSDU™ Forum

The Open Group OSDU Forum is an international forum of oil and gas operators, cloud services companies, technology providers, suppliers of applications to oil and gas operators, academia, and other standards organizations working together to develop an open, standards-based, data platform that will bring together exploration, development, and wells data. For more information, visit https://osduforum.org.

OSDU is a trademark of The Open Group.

About The Open Group

The Open Group is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through technology standards. Our diverse membership of more than 800 organizations includes customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, integrators, academics, and consultants across multiple industries. For more information, visit www.opengroup.org.

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