Houston, October 23, 2019: The upstream oil & gas data transfer standards developed and curated by members of the Energistics Consortium since 1990 will play a critical role in the new Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) platform, under development by a consortium of leading operators, cloud providers, service companies and software vendors.

The Energistics data standards cover well, drilling, completions and reporting data, subsurface modeling data and production data. They are complemented by standards for data packaging conventions, large data object management, streaming data transfer protocols and more, to address field data transmittals, edge computing and other challenges for the global energy industry. These standards are the result of ongoing active collaboration between the 110 member companies backing the Energistics consortium. This depth of expertise and the maturity of the data standards will contribute a robust foundation to the OSDU initiative to build a common data platform for the industry.

“Energistics is excited to be part of the OSDU community, our technical and managerial staff are actively participating in online and face-to-face meetings to contribute our experience in driving open industry standards” said Ross Philo, CEO of Energistics, “the OSDU platform offers a powerful vision for collaboration that will deliver significant benefits to the upstream industry”.

“The development and deployment of the OSDU Platform with the embedded Energistics standards will be an important step change for this Industry,” said Johan Krebbers, OSDU Management Committee Leader.

Find more information on the participation of the Energistics community in OSDU on our OSDU page

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