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Energistics To Transition To Governance By The Open Group®

HOUSTON, TEXAS, AUGUST 19, 2021: Effective January 1, 2022, Energistics Consortium, Inc. will become an affiliate of The Open Group®, a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through technology standards. Energistics will remain as a separate entity, and The Open Group will assume control of Energistics operations.

Energistics has proudly served the industry for over 30 years. During that time more than 3,500 upstream subject-matter experts from over 115 member companies have contributed their time and knowledge, collaborating to define data exchange standards for the industry. The resulting WITSML™, RESQML™, PRODML™, and ETP standards have become universal as they evolved over the years to offer new capabilities in response to changing industry requirements.

Energistics is a long-standing member of The Open Group OSDU™ Forum. The Energistics standards are already a critical component of the OSDU Data Platform, and both organizations have been collaborating throughout 2021 to make this transition possible.

This new chapter for Energistics will help ensure the Energistics standards remain vibrant, and evolve to meet the needs of The Open Group OSDU Forum and the wider industry. Members of both organizations also stand to benefit as they will have options for participating in both initiatives.

The Open Group OSDU Forum consists of over 1,750 subject matter experts from over 216 member organizations representing the global energy industry. The Open Group OSDU Forum continues to develop the OSDU Data Platform and standards for analyzing legacy subsurface energy data as well as new energy data from wind, geothermal, hydrogen, photovoltaic sources, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage data sources.

“The membership overlaps between our two organizations and our common goal to dramatically increase the efficiencies, collaboration, and cross-discipline integration of upstream digital technology have underpinned this initiative,” said Ross Philo, CEO of Energistics. “We have been intensely contributing at many levels to The Open Group OSDU Forum since being invited to join by the founding companies in 2018. The remaining months of 2021 will be spent ensuring a smooth transition for our members and in particular the many experts who participate so passionately in our Special Interest Groups (SIGs).”

Steve Nunn, CEO and President of The Open Group, said: “After years of close work and collaboration, we are pleased to announce that Energistics will become an affiliate of The Open Group. We look forward to working with Energistics to ensure a successful transition. Leading the charge in data exchange standards, this synergy will fuse the capabilities and legacy knowledge of The Open Group OSDU Forum and the Energistics SIGs, to further open doors industry-wide. The Open Group is committed to ensuring that the Energistics standards continue to evolve and thrive, and will support the Energistics tradition to make the standards available to the industry at large.”

The full press release sent by PRNewswire is here.

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