Frequently Asked Questions about the Energy Industry Profile of ISO 19115-1:2014 standard.

What can be said about whether software vendors will support EIP in their products?
The commercial plans of software vendors are something that is out of scope for Energistics because of the need to maintain openness and commercial neutrality. Such questions should be directed to the vendor organizations. 
Will there be a translation/mapping of EIP to other standards (Dublin Core, GML, FGDC)? Will tools/utilities be available to support conversion/translation of existing metadata?
The Metadata Work Group agrees that some mappings between EIP and other metadata formats could be very useful. Specific consideration of the development of selected mappings will be taken up by the Work Group based on the expressed interest and participation of those organizations that commit to become early adopters. Interested parties are encouraged to identify themselves. Note that internal communications will take place within Energistics to make other standards development groups aware of EIP and to determine the relevance of defining mappings with EIP and/or adaptations of internal metadata conveyed within the XML Schemas for the Energistics data exchange standards, including WITSML, PRODML, and RESQML.
Will tools for automated capture/creation of metadata be available from Energistics?
Energistics and the EIP work group believe automated capture or creation of metadata is highly dependent on the enterprise environment and the specifics systems and data management processes within each company or organization. We have no plans at this time to deliver tools related to automated capture/creation of metadata.
Will EIP support ontology? 
There are intentions to address the use of keywords in a future version of EIP, including provision for qualifying keywords (names and values) with predefined contexts. It is possible that such contexts could be supplied through well-defined ontologies. Organizations with an interest in this area are encouraged to identify themselves as candidate participants for future EIP development work.
Will Energistics provide funding for purchasing copies of the ISO documentation for the base standard, ISO 19115-1?
Energistics will not fund copies of ISO 19115-1 documentation. The documentation may be purchased from several sources, including the ANSI web store or the ISO website.