POSC Epicentre Archive

POSC Epicentre Archive

The following is the original POSC Epicentre Documentation Archive.



Epicentre v3.0 is browsable from Epicentre_v3.0_index.html.

Epicentre Methodology is browsable from Epicentre_Methodology_v3.0_main.html.
Projection Meta Model is browsable from Projection_Meta_Model_v2.3_main.html.
Relational Implementation Methodology is browsable from Relational_Implementation_Methodology_v2.3_main.html.




The v3.0 Epicentre specification is available at Epicentre_V30.zip.

The v3.0 Epicentre Methodology is available at EpicentreMethodology_v30.zip.
The v2.3 Projection Meta Model is available at ProjectionMetaModel_V23.zip.
The v2.3 Relational Implementation Methodology is available at RelationalImplementationMethodology_v23.zip.
The v2.3 Subsetting and Extension specification is available at SubsetAndExtension_v23.zip.
In each of the following specs, all of the above concepts were lumped into one overall specification which also included a DAE (Data Access and Exchange) spec, a CGM-PIP spec and Epicentre Subject Discussions.
The v2.2 specification is available at POSC_SIP_Specifications_v2.2_spec_disk.zip.
The v2.1 specification (requires FrameReader) is available at POSC_SIP_Specifications_v2.1_spec_disk.zip.
The v2.0 specification (requires FrameReader) is available at POSC_SIP_Specifications_v2.0.zip.
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