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ETP Developers & Users


Welcome to the technical resources and the specifications for the ETP standard.  This material is provided to help in the design, development and testing of software based on the ETP standard.  The members of the WITSML SIG have contributed a lot of time and effort to deliver ETP, as well as make available various tools to make it easier to build software based on ETP, test it and deploy it. 

ETP Version 1.2 

Version 1.2 was released in 2021, and it is the current version of the ETP standard. It should be used for all new developments. 

ETP Version history 

  • Version 1.1 was released in 2016 and is in operational use 
  • Version 1.0 is deprecated and no longer supported 

ETP Development tools 

The following resources are available for developers: 

ETP Certification 

There is not certification process for ETP 

Collaboration with other standards organizations 

There are no active or past projects related to ETP 

Related standards 

ETP combines with: 

Licensing & Legal 

Click here to access the information regarding licensing, intellectual property, trademarks and other legal information for companies intending to develop and deploy software using the Energistics Standards 

Energistics University Instruction Videos 

The Energistics University video collection (23 modules) provides information on Energistics Standards.
For ETP: 

  • Two videos covering ETP 

For general guidance for developers: 

ETP version 1.2

This is the current version for new and upgraded production implementations. Use with WITSML v1.4.1.1 or v2.0, PRODML v2.0 or v2.1 and/or RESQML v2.0.1 

ETP v1.2 is an update to the successful v1.1 release. It includes updates to the core, streaming data and discovery protocols based and updates to the streaming 

ETP v 1.2 is not backward compatible with v1.1, meaning that v1.2 messages will not be valid v1.1 messages. 
The previous version of ETP, v1.1, is no longer recommended but still supported 

The current Implementation Specification documents available for download are still the ones developed for ETP v1.1, updated versions will be made available when ready.

ETP downloads 

Standard  Link 
ETP v1.2 resource set – September 2021 
ETP v1.1 for WITSML v1.4.1.1 Implementation Specification – October 2017
Provides guidance for implementation of the Energistics Transfer Protocol with WITSML v2.0 schemas (also included in the Data Schema Specifications Standards Download file) 
ETP v1.1 for WITSML v2.0 Implementation Specification – October 2017
Provides guidance for implementation of the Energistics Transfer Protocol with WITSML v2.0 schemas (also included in the Data Schema Specifications Standards Download file) 

Resource Set 

Unless otherwise noted, these resources are located in the ETP v1.2 zip file. 

  Document/Resource  Description 
1.  ETP Specification  Defines content, messages and behaviors of ETP. 
2.  Energistics Identifier Specification  Describes rules and guidelines for Energistics identifiers. 
3.  ETP UML Data Model  The entire UML data model (used to design, document and produce schemas for ETP) that developers and architects can explore for better understanding of data objects, definitions, organization, and relationships. 

Developed using Enterprise Architecture (EA) modeling software (version 12), the UML model exists as an XMI file. 

Information about EA, including a free EA Lite reader, is available at the Sparx Systems website, 

4.  Schemas  Avro schemas as described in this document. 
5.  Developer resources 

Bitbucket repository containing community-developed resources to assist in implementing ETP in various programming languages and platforms. These resources are not directly supported by Energistics but by members of the SIG communities. 

ETP Version History

The previous version of the ETP Specification, v1.1 (2016) is no longer actively supported. The first version of ETP, v1.0 (2014) is deprecated and no support is available. New deployments/uses of prior or deprecated versions are not recommended. The current version should be used for new implementations.

Standard Link
ETP v1.1 resource set – 2016

Example of Implementation

There are no ETP example materials available at this point in time.

ETP Development kit

The ETP DevKit provides a common foundation and basic infrastructure to simplify and standardize creating applications that transfer WITSML, PRODML and RESQML data via the Energistics Transfer Protocol. The updated ETP DevKit for ETP v1.2 is here.

Collaboration Initiatives

There are no current initiatives for collaboration involving ETP

ETP Certification

There is currently no certification process for ETP.


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ETP Developers & Users

ETP Developers & Users