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NDR 2019

A Unique Meeting Focused on the Challenges of Managing National Oil and Gas Data Repositories

The National Data Repository Work Group meetings are held regularly as a platform for member countries and companies from around the world to meet and discuss topics and issues unique to the area of data management for national repositories. Do you want to hear about the challenges of National Data Repositories around the world? Would you want to learn about the latest developments in data management? Are you interested in the role E&P data plays in facilitating the energy transition?   If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you need to make plans to attend this unique event. Register now at! The program for the event is now online. Breakout sessions will cover:
  • NDR technologies
  • Capabilities and people
  • NDR regulatory and cultural framework
  • Standards
  • Data interpretation AI and ML
  • and more....


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Mitland Hotel Utrecht