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More about WITSML and associated standards.

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Q. What is the difference between WITS and WITSML?  
A. WITS – Wellsite Information Transfer Specification - is an industry standard from the mid-eighties. It is a binary file format for transferring wellsite drilling data. It does not have any standard programming interface and limited data objects. WITSML is web based and built on W3C standards. It is platform and language independent, based on XML and uses SOAP as it’s programming interface. WITSML is object oriented and offers rich data objects.  
Go to WITSML Standards for more information about WITSML standards.
Go to WITSML Reference Materials for additional information about WITSML and WITS.
Q. Can you run WITSML securely?  
A. Yes. The standard is built over the HTTP/S protocol and hence it is possible to communicate over an encrypted connection. The next revision of WITSML will also support authentication.