With a focus on geological data and work process standards, this Energistics SIG is striving to be the primary user community for all major geological standards for the oil and gas industry.


The Geology SIG works with standards that address well logging tools and curves, identifying, naming, and classifying the most important tools and curves in support of business processes, such as cataloging log and curve data and searching for available logs and curves.

Although not currently active, the Geology SIG typically is organized into regional groups, including Norway, the UK, and the US. Based on interest, other regions can be added or people are welcome to join existing groups remotely.

For information on organization, objectives and operations common to all Energistics SIGs, see Special Interest Groups (SIG).

For a complete list of supported geological standards, see Geology Standards.




Ongoing objectives supported by the Geology SIG include:

  • Support for publishing service company data and mapping to PWLS standard classifications.
  • Publication and support for the standard name and classifications for oil-company-generated composited (joined) and interpreted well log curves.
  • Publication and support for the standard classifications for logging services and tools.
  • Continue seeking the inclusion of service company information from more service companies. 
  • Continue the effort to classify high- and medium-value curve classes for additional kinds of tools.