Houston, June 1, 2018: Energistics Consortium Inc. announced today the launch of the Energistics Online documentation

Energistics Online (EO) is an integrated, cross-linked set of documentation for Energistics data-transfer standards and components of the Common Technical Architecture (CTA).

EO contains content for supported versions of Energistics standards, version 2 and higher.

Now, you can also:

  • Search across the entire HTML content set, using the search function
  • Comment on or contribute to any topic in the online set.
  • Download Energistics Online, for local use on your computer.

“Energistics Online is the result of many man-years of work on behalf of the Energistics team and with the contributions and support of the Special Interest Group members,” said Jana Schey, COO of Energistics, “we are confident that this highly interactive and searchable resource will be of great help to developers and technical staff making use of our industry standards.”

Energistics Online  can be accessed at http://docs.energistics.org