Why Join Membership?

Why Join Membership?

Membership and participation in Energistics benefits all companies—operators, service companies and vendors—of all sizes and our other member organizations.

Energistics members include some of the largest major oil companies, independent oil companies, service companies, and technology providers in the world. Members realize that the value of their membership comes from being able to determine how the Standards are developed in an ongoing and meaningful way so that they can truly benefit from the results.

Joining Energistics means your organization can:

  • Gain competitive advantage. Membership and active participation means your people become standards leaders, positioning your company to be among the first to realize the benefits of standards—either through developing standards-compliant solutions or implementing and integrating them into your company’s operations.
  • Drive the direction of the industry. Membership and active participation means you can help to clearly define the problems, establish the solution criteria, and set priorities.
  •  Better understand industry needs and requirements. For operators it means you get the solutions that you need. For vendors and service companies, it means that you gain a greater understanding of solution requirements and deliver solutions that meet those demands.
  • Certify that products comply with Energistics standards. Energistics is developing certification programs to ensure and identify products that comply with our standards. After it is certified, a product can bear the Energistics-certified logo. Currently, WITSML has a certification program. Other standards certification programs will follow.

Download The Business Case for Energistics Membership.

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