NDR 2014 Agenda and Presentations

NDR 2014 Agenda and Presentations

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Day 1 Monday, 29th September

08:00  Registration

09:00  Welcome – Tirza van Daalen, TNO (Chair) (PDF 599KB)
09:10  Keynote Speech – Khalik Mammadov, SOCAR (PDF 39KB Azeri)
09:50  Making Data Management a Discipline – Malcolm Fleming, CDA (PDF 1.5MB)
10:20  Coffee

10:50  Introduction to Breakout 1 “Regional Groups” – Stephan Gruijters, TNO (PDF 1.8MB)
11:00  4 Parallel Breakouts on “Regional Groups”
Regional Group A – Americas
Regional Group B – Africa

Regional Group C – SE Asia and Middle East

Regional Group D – Central Asia

12:15  Lunch

13:45  Quiz (PDF 17.9 MB)
14:15  Platinum Sponsor – Kerry Blinston  (PDF 2.6MB)

Country Session 1: Resolving Data Issues
14:35  Resolving Problems with Loading Legacy Well Data  – Aliya Huseynova – Azerbaijan (PDF 11.7MB)
14:55  Scanning Legacy Seismic Data – Mary Jean Verrall- Canada (Nova Scotia) (PDF 1.5MB)
15:15  Going Green with Data – Hamka Ibrahim – Malaysia (PDF 6.8MB)
15:35  Building a New Offshore Data Management Regime – Mark Ducksbury – Australia (PDF 4.2MB)

15:55  Coffee
16:15  Report back on Breakout 1 – Panel of Facilitators (PDF 265KB)
16:45  Running Future Meetings, Successions – Jerry Hubbard, Energistics
17:15  Close
19:30  Icebreaker Evening & Dinner – Energistics

Day 2 Tuesday, 30th September

09:00  Chairman’s Remarks – Tirza van Daalen, TNO (Chair)
09:10  Introduction to Breakout 2 “Data Quality” – Philip Lesslar, Petronas (PDF 3.4MB)
09:20  Introduction to Breakout 3 “People Issues are Key to Success” – Malcolm Fleming, CDA (PDF1.2MB)
09:30  Parallel Breakout Sessions 2 and 3
Data Quality – Data Correction (PDF 3MB)

Data Quality – Data Quality Tools (PDF 3.8MB)

Data Quality – Business Rules (PDF 70KB) (PDF 4.4MB)

People issues are key to success – Recruitment

People issues are key to success – Retention

People issues are key to success – Organization

10:30  Coffee
11:00  Platinum Sponsor – Paul Coles (PDF 4.8MB)
Country Session 2: The Digital Age and NDR’s
11:20  Linking an NDR to an Electronic Permitting System – Phil Harrison, United Kingdom (PDF 1.8MB)
11:40  Running a Bidding Round Electronically (eBID) – Lucia Vaz, Brazil (PDF 2.1MB)
12:00  Data Integration Between State and Federal Agencies – Lee Allison, United States (PDF 5.2MB)
12:20  A Web Site for Marketing O&G Exploration Data – Uffe Larsen, Denmark (PDF 1.9MB)
13:20  Lunch
14:00  Walking tour of Old Baku

Day 3 Wednesday, 1st October

09:00  Chairman’s Remarks – Tirza van Daalen, TNO (Chair)
09:10  Platinum Sponsor – Alexey Scherbich  (PDF 2.1MB)
Country Session 3: Contracting an NDR
09:30  Re-tendering an NDR – Eric Toogood, Norway (PDF 2.5MB)
09:50  An Innovative Funding Solution – Eunice Kilonzo, Kenya (PDF 4.8KB)
10:10  An NDR as a Service Rather than a Packaged Solution – Oscar Flores, Mexico (PDF 484KB)
10:30  Coffee
11:20  Feedback on Production Reporting from NDR11 – Stewart Robinson, Energistics (Vice-Chair) (PDF619KB)
11:40  Introduction to Breakout 4 “Significant Issues Managing Seismic Data” – Rico Tonis, TNO (PDF568KB)
11:45  Introduction to Breakout 5 “Reporting Standards” – Stewart Robinson, Energistics (Vice-Chair) (PDF37KB)
11:50  Parallel Breakout Sessions 4 and 5

Significant issues managing seiemic data (PDF 1.2MB)
Reporting standards (PDF 38KB)
13:00  Lunch
Country Session 4: Data and the Environment
14:15  Forming and Enforcing Standards – Ali Alyahyaee, Oman (PDF 559KB)
14:35  Exploring in Extreme Weather Conditions – Jan Adolfssenn, Greenland
14:50  An Expanded NDR with Environmental Data – Rico Tonis – Netherlands (PDF 1MB)
15:10  Government Investment in Geoscience Data and Knowledge – Malcolm Flowers – New Zealand (PDF 6.6MB)
15:30  Coffee

16:00  Feedback on Breakouts 2 and 3
Business Rules and Data Quality Metrics (PDF 894KB)
Data Quality (PDF 4.7MB)
People Issues are Key to Success (PDF 1.2MB)
16:30  Quiz Results and Prizes – Malcolm Fleming, CDA (PDF 17.9 MB)
17:00  Adjourn
19:30  Cultural Evening and Dinner – SOCAR

Day 4 Thursday, 2nd October

09:00  Chairman’s Remarks – Tirza van Daalen, TNO (Chair)
09:10  Feedback on Breakout Sessions 4 & 5

Reporting Standards Feedback (PDF 38KB)

Significant issues managing seismic data (PDF 1.2KB)

Country Session 5 : Country Reports
09:40  South Africa – Johanda du Toit, Petroleum Agency SA (PDF 7.3MB)
10:00  Uganda – Denis Ariko, Petroleum Commission of Uganda

10:20   Venezuela – Victor Bruley, Scan Geofisica (PDF 1.1MB)
10:40  Coffee
11:00  Strategic role of an NDR – Tirza van Daalen, TNO  and Malcolm Fleming, CDA, (PDF 7.4MB) (PDF155KB)
11:30  Looking Forward to NDR2016 in Houston, TX – Lee Allison, AAPG (PDF 2.4MB)
11:50  Review of Conference – Tirza van Daalan, TNO (Chair) (PDF 47KB)
12:30  Lunch
14:00  Tour of Yanar Dag / Bibi-Heybat Oilfields

Day 5 Friday, 3rd October

08:00  Tour – Full Day Spouse’s & Delegates. Gobustan / Temple of Fire


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