NDR9 Referenced Materials

NDR9 Referenced Materials

Referenced Materials


Welcome address of NDR Chairman:  Dr. Martin R. H. Peersman, GBKN, The Netherlands (PPT, 1,544K)

Conference Speakers

The History of the NDR Initiative, Eric Toogood, NPD (PDF, 385K)

Collaborating to develop data exchange standards; Stewart Robinson, DECC (PPT, 529K)

NDR Opportunities for Emerging Nations; Helen Stephenson, NDR Consultant (DOC, 168K)

Common Data Access Well & Seismic Datastore; Malcolm Fleming, Common Data Access (PPT, 2603K)

Getting the right processes and people in place to ensure that your NDR works; Alan Smith, RPS Energy (PPT, 1592K)

Geoscience Information Network (GIN); Dr. Lee Allison, Arizona Geology Survey (PPT, 12091K)

JODI – Managing Oil & Gas Statistical Data; Mieke Reece, JODI (PPT, 8122K)

One Geology – A Global Project to Make Essential Geoscience data Accessible and Interoperable; Ian Jackson, OneGeology (PPT, 22827K)

NDRs…from an oil company perspective; A.K. Tyagi, ONGC (PPT, 165K)

Sustainable Data Management Practices; Joe H. Neely, SAIC (PPT, 1543K)

Landmark Presentation; Craig Beebee, Landmark (WMV video, 2530K, MPG video 2516K, PDF, 1290K)

Country Presentations:

Brazil (PPT, 5406K)

Canada (PPT, 9594K)

Columbia (PPT, 5427K)

India (PPT, 4019K)

Kalau (PPT, 100K)

Mexico (PPT, 7715K)

Netherlands (PPT, 8025K)

Norway (PDF, 385K)

Peru (PPT, 8083K)

South Africa (PPT, 4404K)

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