Energistics makes available to the industry the data exchange standards WITSML™, RESQML™ and PRODML™ and a data transfer protocol Energistics Transfer Protocol ETP™.  Numerous companies use these standards to create software products that can communicate and collaborate through the common use of these standards.

Energistics is now building a catalog of software products that use the standards, to give these products visibility and to provide to persons looking for standards-compliant products a single place to find out what is on offer.

At launch time on January 15, 2021, a small number of vendors have already made their information available, new submissions are in the pipeline and will be added as they are received. Take a look at https://energistics.org/product-catalog/

If your company has developed a product that uses one or more of the Energistics standards, contact Energistics at [email protected] to enquire about listing your product on the Energistics website.