Houston Public Media Campaign 2018

Houston Public Media Campaign 2018

A call to action on Public Radio

Our organization is reaching out to the radio audience in Houston, the capital of the global energy industry, to draw attention to the data transfer standards organization Energistics.

Energistics is a non-profit backed by over 100 companies from around the globe active in the upstream oil and gas sector.  For over 27 years our consortium has been actively developing, distributing and evangelizing data transfer standards that make the industry more efficient and more connected.

Digital Transformation is a game changer!

To address the need for better efficiencies and lower costs, the industry is undergoing a rapid and thorough digitization of all aspects of its activity.  Data Standards are an indispensable aspect of this movement, lowering the cost of system design and reducing complexity in what is becoming a highly interconnected world. The solutions page of our website details some of the key areas where data exchange standards have as strong impact.

Why do standards organizations need industry support?

Standards are made available for free to all stakeholders, but development of those standards costs money and effort.  We work with our members to define the standards, and then have to collate and organize the design, run a review and acceptance process, document new versions and provide support.  And we also have to communicate with the industry at large to accelerate adoption.  More resources allow us to add momentum to the process.

Participation matters!

Active participation in the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) has many benefits.  Knowing in advance about future developments means that your organization will be ready to adopt them.  Taking part in defining standards results in them being a better fit to the specifics of your business.  You can get an overview of our process and the different standards by visiting our portfolio page.

For more information or to join today

Please get in touch with us to discuss membership.  Look at the list of companies currently supporting the consortium, read some papers about standards, see our latest news or consider meeting with us at an upcoming event.  At the bottom of the page you have a form to subscribe to our quarterly email newsletter.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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