The ODSU Platform set out to leverage existing standards as a foundational precept to both accelerate delivery and leverage the many years of industry expertise embodied in them. The Energistics Consortium community is putting its weight into the delivery of successive releases of the OSDU Platform.

The Energistics Integration Workstream

A number of initiatives have been submitted and approved to ensure the smooth uptake within the OSDU platform of the RESQML™ standard for subsurface and reservoir data and WITSML™ for real-time drilling and wellsite operational data. These initiatives fall under the general umbrella of the Energistics Integration Workstream, consisting of several projects. As such, this places Energistics within the R3 core team as extension developers and platform contributors. Requirements for Energistics standards that emanate from these initiatives are channeled back to the special interest groups that define each set of standards. Dedicated developer resources are also being allocated to OSDU initiatives.

Bi-weekley meetings

These meetings are now on the schedule for the Energistics integration workstream, and on the alternate weeks a specific meeting for the reservoir initiative is in the planning phase.

The JSON style guide

The OSDU platform has adopted JSON as the format for data. ,….

The R2 manifest generator for standard-format files

The manifest generator has been delivered

The R3 ingestion of standard-format files

This covers both RESQML and WITSML data

The Post-R3 reservoir domain data initiative

This will include RESQML parsers, DDMS, ingestion pipelines and more.

The reservoir domain initiative covers a large scope and will require a significant amount of contributions from member organizations, involving subject matter experts, developers, architects and documentation specialists. Energistics, Equinor and Emerson have taken the lead and encourage other companies to join the project and contribute to it. Contact can be made on Slack #6_1_reservoir_ddms or #6_2_reservoir_data_definitions.

Energistics’ Units of Measurement and normal reference entities