25 October 2016

Energistics and PDS Further Oil and Gas Industry Open Source Initiatives

Energistics announced today that Petrotechnical Data Systems (PDS) has contributed an open source software development kit for the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP).  ETP is the next generation mechanism for exchanging Energistics’ oil and gas data standards: WITSML™ for drilling data, PRODML™ for production data and RESQML™ for reservoir and earth model data. ETP enables real-time data exchange and promises dramatically faster data throughput between applications than current solutions.  This means critical decisions can be made faster and with more confidence.

The ETP DevKit, developed by PDS, provides a common foundation and the basic infrastructure needed for .NET oil and gas applications to communicate via the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP).  The development kit integrates the necessary ETP dependencies and simplifies low level ETP communication details making it easier and faster for developers to add ETP support to their applications.

The ETP DevKit is provided as open source and is licensed under Version 2.0 of the Apache License.  Energistics is making the development kit publicly accessible in its ETP source code repository.

“Open source technology allows organizations to collaborate and to reduce cost for common infrastructures and tools so that they can focus their technology investments where they make real differences to their businesses.   PDS embraces the open source movement in E&P and has taken a leadership role in this movement by developing and contributing tools such as the ETP DevKit,” said David Archer, CEO of PDS Americas. “In conjunction with the contribution of the DevKit to Energistics,  PDS has recently published an open source WITSML server along with an associated browser and diagnostic tool (PDS WITSML Studio),” Archer adds.

By contributing the ETP DevKit to Energistics, PDS intends to help accelerate the oil and gas industry’s adoption of ETP by reducing the time and effort required to develop applications that exchange WITSML, PRODML and RESQML data via ETP.

“PDS has demonstrated their support of standards by donating their work to Energistics for the benefit of the industry. Organizations that use these standards save time using ETP for faster data transfers and more reliable data loading.  Using the SDK contributed by PDS, companies will now be able to quickly add their own proprietary intelligence and have it interact seamlessly with applications using the Energistics data specifications,” said Ross Philo, CEO and President of Energistics. 

About Petrotechnical Data Systems

Petrotechnical Data Systems is a leading provider of petrotechnical software solutions to the petroleum industry.  PDS is a long-time member and active participant in energy industry standardization efforts. For over twenty years, PDS has delivered innovative software technologies, R&D and consulting services to the petroleum industry from technology centers in The Hague, Houston, London, Sofia and Muscat.  The ETP DevKit is the first in a series of standards-driven open source technologies that PDS will release.  For more information about PDS’s WITSML technologies, visit our websites at http://www.pds.world/ and witsml.pds.technology.

About Energistics

Energistics is a global, non-profit, membership organization that serves as the facilitator, custodian and advocate for the development and adoption of technical open data exchange standards in the upstream oil and gas industry. Uniquely designed to unite upstream industry professionals in a neutral and collaborative facilitation environment, Energistics membership consists of integrated, independent and national oil companies, oilfield service companies, software vendors, system integrators, regulatory agencies and the global standards user community. For more information, visit our website at www.energistics.com.