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develop standards develop standards develop

develop standards develop standards develop

develop standards


Standards ensure that data from one system are properly understood by any other system using the same standard. In an energy industry that is increasingly collaborative, and for which technology solutions frequently involve a number of different partners and providers, standards enable both a rapid deployment and a reliable operation.

Energistics is tasked with establishing the standards for the transmittal of data related to upstream oil and gas activities. The Energistics formats and data schemas are the foundation of the exchange process.  Energistics Standards

But it has proven to be just as important to establish standards for the actual data transmittal process. Three application cases are currently supported:

  • Real-time transmittal of data from a (remote) acquisition device or system to a receiving system; the most typical instance for this use case is the transmittal of data from an active drilling rig or production facility to a remote monitoring center.
  • The direct transmission of data from one application to another in a situation where these applications are built on different platforms and/or are running on different computing systems.
  • The creation of an export file collection by one application, representing either a whole project’s data or a part of it, to be read by another application, in most cases at some other location.

See the Energistics University video  Data Transfer Overview

For the first two use cases the ETP standard provides a WebSocket-enabled ability to establish a two-way data stream between two systems.

For the third use case the EPC standard, optionally associated with HDF5 for large data objects, ensures the proper packaging of all the data and the inclusion of the relationship information critical to the proper retrieval and further use of the dataset.

Developing Standards

The process to develop standards is critical to their relevance to business and their wide-spread adoption.  With the backing of the major operators, service companies and technology vendors as well as regulatory agencies, Energistics is focused on delivering industry-endorsed upstream data transfer standards, as well as innovative data transfer protocols that dramatically reduce data latency.

A consistent collaborative process enables the Energistics community to develop standards that benefit the entire industry.  Work Groups bring together the skills and business insights needed to develop and continuously improve the standards under their responsibility.  The process is open and transparent, and involves a technical team and where necessary sub-teams.

Read more on our Work Groups or see these videos:

 Developing Standards  and     Common Technical Architecture

Online Documentation

To assist developers and technical staff, Energistics provides a comprehensive system of online documentation, you can access Energistics Online here.

Why Choose Us

  • Members back our standards and ensure that they fit the industry’s needs.
  • Data Transfer standards are critical to a successful Digital Transformation of the industry.
  • Our use of XML allows us to leverage the schemas for self-validation, and the handling of attributes is supportive of metadata.
  • Our Quality Assurance metadata ensures that users have a clear understanding of the trustworthiness of the data they access.
develop standards