Reservoir Modeling Enrichment Workflow Built on Collaborative Data Exchange Standards Demonstrated at SEG Annual Conference
A presentation involving 6 different software platforms demonstrates a reservoir model enrichment workflow facilitated by industry-sponsored data exchange standards.

Houston and Anaheim, October 10th 2018: A live demonstration of a collaborative workflow from structural model to full reservoir simulation and time lapse visualization was demonstrated on the High Performance Computing Theatre (booth 341) at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists’ Annual Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, California.  Two presentations took place.  Jay Hollingsworth, CTO of Energistics, provided the introductory talk ahead of the live demonstrations.

The workflow leveraged the data formats and metadata specifications of the industry-defined RESQML™ data exchange format. As the model and associated data were moved from one application to the next, the standards ensured that knowledge was retained and shared such that the geoscientists and engineers operating the different software packages in the workflow had a full understanding of all prior steps in the workflow and could confirm that the final result was complete.

This pilot project is an initiative of the RESQML Special Interest Group working within the Energistics Consortium. Its purpose is to demonstrate the maturity of RESQML and encourage other companies to adopt and advance the standard. The pilot project involved the contribution of professionals from consortium members Emerson-Roxar, Emerson-Paradigm, IFP-Beicip, Schlumberger Information Systems, Computer Modelling Group and Dynamic Graphics Inc, and software from all these companies was used during the demonstration.

The Kepler Field dataset located in the Gulf of Mexico was graciously made available for this pilot project by consortium members BP (operator) and Shell (partner). The demonstration was run live using the Amazon Web Services cloud.

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