Focused on production data and work process standards, this Energistics SIG currently concentrates on production optimization and supporting PRODML data exchange and infrastructure standards.


  • The purpose of the PRODML SIG is to represent the users of production data as it relates to the PRODML standards as well as other Energistics and industry production standards.
  • The PRODML SIG is also the focal point for ensuring proper coordination for all PRODML-based standards for both data and infrastructure.
  • This user community is composed of nearly 40 organizations including operators, service companies, software companies, and regulatory agencies.

    For information on organization, objectives and operations common to all Energistics SIGs, see Special Interest Groups.

    Information on the PRODML Data Standards as well as materials specifically for Developers and Users are available.

The PRODML SIG has several active teams which meet frequently via teleconference and periodically in person.


The PRODML SIG sponsors in-person working meetings periodically, preferably in different geographic regions to accommodate members around the world.  Workshops are intended to help active participants with field deployment projects, to promote awareness of PRODML and the SIG, and to define future enhancements to the standards.


If you want to join the PRODML SIG or receive more information on SIG membership, please contact Energistics [email protected], Tel. +1 281.243.2121.

Current PRODML SIG committees and teams include:

Steering Committee
Oversee and direct the SIG and standards development activities. Meets quarterly or more often as needed.
Operations Team
Oversee and direct daily operations. Composed of team and sub-team leaders.
The following sub-teams report to the Operations Team:
Use Case and Marketing Team
Identify business use cases that support PRODML and provide marketing support for PRODML.
Specifications Team
Implement solutions to technical issues and enable use case functionality.
Deployment Support Team
Provide training and technical support to foster the adoption and implementation of PRODML.