PRODML™ is an industry initiative to provide open, non-proprietary, standard data interfaces between software tools used to monitor, manage and optimize hydrocarbon production.


Digital oilfield of the future. iFields. eFields. Smart fields. These are all names for the industry efforts to use instrumentation and software to optimize operations in all domains for oil and gas exploration and production (E&P).

To achieve this goal, all of these technologies must work together—but often don’t because of incompatible data structures and designs.

PRODML standards:

  • Make integration of these technologies possible, enabling near-real-time production optimization and moving closer to realizing the benefits of the digital oilfield.
  • Focus on the technology from the reservoir-wellbore boundary to the custody transfer point, as well as integration with other domain standards such as WITSML and RESQML.
  • Are a low-cost, low-risk, and highly innovative environment for the configuration and running of advanced optimization processes.


Standards Versions
The version that implementers are encouraged to use and the version that is subject to upgrades and enhancements.
Those specifications that have successfully been through Energistics standards development processes and are ready for membership and public review prior to formal release as industry standards.
Other versions include deprecated versions and inactive draft versions.