Focused on production data and work process standards, this Energistics Work Group currently concentrates on production optimization and supporting PRODML data exchange and infrastructure standards.

  • The purpose of the PRODML Work Group is to represent the users of production data as it relates to the PRODML standards as well as other Energistics and industry production standards.
  • The PRODML Work Group is also the focal point for ensuring proper coordination for all PRODML-based standards for both data and infrastructure.
  • This user community is composed of operators, service companies and software companies.
  • Currently, the PRODML Work Group is not meeting regularly. For meeting announcements, members should see the Energistics-PRODML Slack channel.
  • For more information on how the Energistics Work Groups work, see Work Groups.
  • For more information on Energistics and Work Group membership, see Membership.
  • Information on the PRODML Data Standards as well as materials specifically for Developers and Users are available.

If you want to join the PRODML Work Group or receive more information on SIG membership, please see Energistics Onboarding Information.