The recording of the webinar that aired May 23rd 2019 is now available on the Energistics YouTube channel here, the title is “From Data Transfer to Data Assurance: Trusted Data is the Key for Good Decisions

This webinar introduces the founding concepts that support data trustworthiness for geoscientists, engineers and drillers in the fast-growing digital ecosystem support oil and gas exploration and production.
If Data is the New Oil, trusted data is gold. Analytics and AI rely on data being dependable, something the industry has identified as a challenge in an increasingly interconnected digital environment. Jay Hollingsworth, CTO of Energistics, has covered this topic in past talks at PNEC 2017 and 2018, and he will be giving the final word on this at PNEC 2019. These webinars will have Jay presenting these papers and opening the floor for Q & A. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a comprehensive view of how to share information about trust in data.