Regulatory SIG

Regulatory SIG

This special interest group is concerned with standards supporting regulatory activities, especially industry data exchange for permitting and activity reporting.


The eRegulatory SIG is responsible for permitting and activity reporting.  Members of this SIG collaborate directly with industry organizations and regulatory agencies to pursue effective standards-based solutions.


In the United States, the SIG works closely with federal (MMS, BLM) agencies and state agencies (GWPC states and others) as well as with API’s Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) REGS work group.


The current inventory of standards associated with this SIG includes published WITSML-based regulatory permitting standards intended for use in certain US states.  Norway’s NPD has implemented an enhanced WITSML drilling operations report for daily drilling reporting.


Most recent activity has been overseen by the National Data Repository (NDR) Work Group.




NOTE: Access to SIG collaboration sites is for members only.  If you are employed by a member company, are an active SIG member and need access to a collaboration site, please contact: for assistance.

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