Standards Development

Standards Development

A consistent, collaborative process enables the Energistics community to develop standards that benefit the entire industry.

For the standards developed by Energistics to be effective and adopted, they must meet the needs of a majority of organizations (operators, service companies, software vendors, regulatory, and educational groups) in the industry.

As such, in all its activities, Energistics strives to:

  • Build work teams that are representative of all key roles in the industry.
  • Engage in processes that allow industry members to review and comment on work products.
  • Recognize, document, and incorporate feedback.
  • Build consensus views.

A crucial part of this effort is recognizing and documenting the scope of non-competitive areas (such as data exchange standards) where industry members can collaborate for the benefit of the entire industry.

standards development life cycle

Process for development and maintenance

e&P business process reference model

Asset life cycle processes

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