Open source software utility to support conversion of LAS well log data files to Energistics WITSML wellLog data files.

What is This Utility Intended To Do?


The LAS to WITSML Well Log Utility is intended to be used for several purposes by several potential groups of users:

  • A geoscientist needs an LAS file converted to WITSML wellLog to feed an application or data base.
  • A technician converts LAS files to WITSML wellLog files as a routine data preparation task with formal quality control review of results and remedial follow-up actions.
  • A system integrator embeds LAS to WITSML wellLog capability in an application or integrates the utility into a formalized work flow.
  • A software specialist participate in the open-source community for this utility by creating, testing, and submitted software revisions.


What Do I Have to Install the Utility?


The utility has a Windows Installation Package and a Java Source Package.

  • The Windows Installation Package includes Java classes, mapping and conversion resources, batch files, and user documentation. System Requirements are Microsoft Windows and a Java Runtime Environment. Download (2.4 MB)
  • The Java Source Package includes all source software for the utility. Download (78 KB)



Until a specific Open-Source Software license is established for the utility, the utility is available under the general Energistics Product License Agreement.


Open Source Evolution


Feedback and suggestions related to the utility may be sent to Energistics.




The development of an LAS to WITSML wellLog open-source conversion utility was proposed and sponsored by BP. Following an open call for proposals, the initial software for the utility was developed by Satyam for Energistics.