Energistics will be exhibiting at the user meeting.


Additional Information

This meeting is open to Energistics members and invited guests (space permitting). Non-members interested in working on development of the WITSML standard are encouraged to contact Energistics.


Registration is closed.



The main objectives of the WITSML SIG meeting are:

  • Review Release Candidate #1 and #2 comments received during Public Review
  • Finalize WITSML v2.0 data schemas and documentation
  • Discuss relevant WITSML + ETP issues
  • Data assurance workflows & related guidance
  • V1.4.1.1 and v2.0 adoption plans and activities
  • Reports from participating companies on non-commercial activities supporting adoption of WITSML and ETP
  • Additional topics as needed


Information for nearby hotels will be provided to registered participants.