With a focus on standards related to drilling, completions and intervention processes, the Energistics WITSML SIG is driven to apply standards to optimize drilling and related activities and improve the speed and quality of technical and business decisions.

The WITSML SIG has several active teams and sponsors in-person working meetings and periodic public seminars.


  • The purpose of the WITSML SIG is to represent the users of wellsite- generated drilling data as it relates to the WITSML standards.
  • The WITSML SIG is also the focal point for ensuring proper coordination for all WITSML-based standards for both data and infrastructure.
  • This user community has more than 50 members, which include operators, service companies, software companies, and regulatory agencies.
  • For information on organization, objectives and operations common to all Energistics SIGs, see Special Interest Groups (SIG).
  • For more information about Energistics standards supporting drilling, completions and interventions, see WITSML Standards.
  • A number of resources are available for WITSML Developers and Users
  • Energistics provides the Energistics Collaboration Centre, work space for each SIG using Windows Sharepoint Services.
  • Active SIG and work group participants are granted access to the collaboration centre.
  • Access to the WITSML SIG Collaboration Centre (link temporarily disabled)
  • NOTE: If you need access to the collaboration centre, please contact Energistics.

SIG Meetings and events

  • The WITSML SIG meets for in-person working meetings at least twice each year, usually once in North America and once elsewhere in the world.  Working meetings are open to active SIG members and to invited guests, depending on space availability.
  • In addition to working meetings, the SIG also sponsors periodic public events to educate the industry on the standards and products and services that use the standards.

SIG Charter & Organization

  • Special Interest Groups develop a charter when they are formed and when they would like to formalize operational details.  See the WITSML SIG Charter.
  • For more information on how Energistics SIGs work, see Special Interest Groups.

If you want to join the WITSML SIG or receive more information on SIG membership, please contact Energistics [email protected], Tel. +1 281.243.2121.

Current WITSML committees, teams and sub-teams include the following:

Team or Committee
Steering Committee
Oversee and direct the SIG and standards development activities. Meets quarterly, more often as needed.
Teams operating on behalf of the WITSML SIG Steering Committee include:
Executive Team
Directs daily operations of the SIG. Elected by the Steering Committee.
Business Engagement Team
Supports adoption and implementation of WITSML through improved facilitation, tools, public awareness, website content and other resources.
Technical Team
Define the functionality and technical specifications for the standards. Composed of both business and technical people.

Information for Developers and Users is available.