With a focus on standards related to drilling, completions and intervention processes, the Energistics WITSML Work Group is driven to apply standards to optimize drilling and related activities and improve the speed and quality of technical and business decisions.


  • The purpose of the WITSML Work Group is to represent the users of wellsite- generated drilling data as it relates to the WITSML standards.
  • The WITSML Work Group is also the focal point for ensuring proper coordination for all WITSML-based standards for both data and infrastructure.
  • This user community has members, which include operators, service companies, software companies, and regulatory agencies.
  • For information on organization, objectives and operations common to all Energistics Work Group, see Work Groups.
  • For more information about Energistics standards supporting drilling, completions and interventions, see WITSML¬†Standards.
  • A number of resources are available for WITSML Developers and Users.
  • Active Work Group members are given access to collaboration tools. For more information, see Energistics Onboarding Information.

Work Group Meetings

  • The WITSML Work Group currently meets every other week. For more information, see the Energistics aggregated calendar in Plato (collaboration site).

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