Looking back at a very active year in 2017, and anticipating a strong 2018


A message from the CEO

Ross Philo, CEO of Energistics

I am pleased to report that 2017 saw significant progress by Energistics on several fronts, helping to fulfill our mission to provide the data transfer building blocks that are critical to the fast-paced digitalization of the upstream industry. The unwavering support of our visionary members, who continued to invest time and resources all through the year, was instrumental to achieving our goals in an industry that is still looking for its footing in the context of “lower for longer” economics, on-going consolidation across most markets and the challenges of the generational change that is under way.


A focus on adoption

After the release of the major v2.x versions of WITSML, RESQML and PRODML in Q4 of 2016, together with the new v1.1 version of ETP (Energistics Transfer Protocol) and the v1.1 metadata specifications in EIP (Energy Industry Profile for metadata), 2017 was strongly focused on communicating to the industry at large the transformational business benefits that these new standards make possible, as well as assisting companies with their planning to deploy the new versions.

To the cloud and beyond

With major players in the cloud computing industry becoming members, or showing strong interest in joining Energistics, it is clear that data transfer standards are more relevant than ever in the roadmap to digitalization. Considerable effort has also gone into reaching out to the Middle Eastern and Asian markets, helping to drive global adoption of our standards.


Adding experience to the team

We are pleased to announce that we have added two highly-respected advisors to our team. Dennis O’Neill will be focused on the Western hemisphere and Dave Wallis on the Europe / Africa / Middle East region. Also, we are thrilled to have a new director of marketing, Phil Neri, who has joined us in our Houston office.

Looking ahead at 2018

The new year is off to a strong start, with SIG meetings already underway, a number of training and conference engagements ahead, at least 4 papers accepted at conferences around the globe in H1 and a series of activities to engage with potential new and existing members. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you are not already receiving it, since we will be communicating on many topics during the year.

Our very best wishes for a successful year in 2018!

Best regards

New members:


Microsoft Azure

Red Hat






Statistics of website downloads in Q4 2017:

272 download operations

162 unique entities or persons

1,612 items downloaded


By group of materials (downloads including at least 1 group item):

 95 / 35% Units of measure

130 / 48% WITSML

 77 / 28% WITSML extensions

 71 / 26% PRODML

 74 / 26% RESQML

102 / 38% ETP

 63 / 23% EIP

 65 / 24% RESQML testing

 49 / 18% NDR Data quality  


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