Energistics University

Discover the Energistics Standards

Discover the Energistics Standards at your pace and in your time. After following the introduction module 00, there are two tracks:

  • The shorter USER program gives a less technical audience a good overview of the Energistics Standards and how they fit into your business.
  • The full DEVELOPER program provides information that helps those who are going to implement the standards to plan their development activity.
    Modules aimed primarily at developers are highlighted using the GREEN color.
    The information in these modules complements the tools and information provided on this website and the online documentation.

You can see the full program here.

Starting out

Description Videos

FOR GENERAL USEOverview of the Video Program

Introduction to the Energistics Standards


FOR DEVELOPERSDeveloping the Next Version of a Standard

Formats for Standards: XML and JSON


The Standards

Description Videos
FOR GENERAL USEOverview of the Data Standards

FOR DEVELOPERSThe WITSML Standard for real-time

The WITSML Standard for interoperability

FOR DEVELOPERSThe RESQML Standard for subsurface and
reservoir dataset transfers

The RESQML Standard for Evergreen archives

FOR DEVELOPERSThe PRODML Standard for production data

The PRODML Standard for DAS


Data Transfers

Description Videos
FOR GENERAL USEData Transfer Standards Overview

FOR DEVELOPERSThe ETP Standard for real-time

The ETP Standard for interoperability



The Common Technical Architecture

Description Videos
FOR GENERAL USEOverview of the Common Technical Architecture
FOR DEVELOPERSEnergy Industry Profile (EIP) metadata
Quality Assurance
Units of Measure (UoM)


Next Steps & Development, Integration and Deployment

Description Videos
FOR DEVELOPERSDeveloper tools and resources
FOR GENERAL USERelation to other standardization initiativesDeployment process