Energistics University

Discover the Energistics Standards

Discover the Energistics Standards at your pace and in your time. After following the introduction module 00, there are two tracks:

  • The shorter USER program gives a less technical audience a good overview of the Energistics Standards and how they fit into your business.
  • The full DEVELOPER program provides information that helps those who are going to implement the standards to plan their development activity.
    Modules aimed primarily at developers are highlighted using the GREEN color.
    The information in these modules complements the tools and information provided on this website and the online documentation.

You can see the full program here.
Some modules (in grey) are still in development and will be published Q1 2021.

Starting out: Overview (00) and Introduction (01)


The Standards: Overview (05), WITSML for Real-Time (06), RESQML (09) and PRODML (12)

Data Transfers: Overview (15), ETP (16) and EPC (18)

The Common Technical Architecture (CTA) (20)

Next Steps & Implementation: Developers and Users: Developer Tools (25), Energistics and the OSDU Forum™ (26), How to Deploy (28)