EIP v1.1 Specification


The Energy Industry Profile (EIP) v1.1 is Energistics’ metadata exchange specification developed using input and requirements provided by members of the global energy community.  It is designed to enable efficient discovery, evaluation and retrieval of diverse information resources from widely distributed repositories.

The EIP is an ISO Conformance Level 1 profile of the widely adopted international standards ISO 19115-1:2014 which provides XML implementation guidance with reference to ISO Technical Specification 19115-3:2016.  The primary changes represented in EIP v1.1 are updates to the XML in the implementation guidance and examples it contains.  As a result of these updates, XML represented in EIP v1.1 are conformant with the ISO 19115-3:2016 XML schema.  Other changes represented in EIP v1.1 are summarized in the Amendment History table presented on page 3 of the specification.

Current version

Download EIP v1.1 Specification – July 2016
Open the EIP v1.1 Specification – July 2016
Download EIP v1.1 and related ISO XML artifacts – July 2016ZIP

This example implementation of the Energy Industry Profile (EIP) v1.1 specification uses open source Geoportal Server software to demonstrate the promise of the EIP metadata exchange standard.

VERSION 1.0  (no longer supported)                                                            

V1.0 has been deprecated but is available on request.  This version was based on the draft ISO 19115:3 specification and is not recommended. New implementations should use v1.1.
Request further information on deprecated versions at standards@energistics.org

A Reference Implementation of EIP v1.0 is documented.

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